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Why am I learning BSL

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I find BSL fascinating and have wanted to learn it for many years but thought I was not good enough, or could not afford the lessons. BSL gave me an opportunity and I took advantage of it, this will help me better communicate with my niece and nephew who are both hard of hearing. I believe BSL should be taught in school as can create a more inclusive environment, especially if certain schools have hard-of-hearing students. 

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Hi Suzie, I completely agree! I believe that sign language should be used in schools around the UK. 
Including sign language in the school, curriculum promotes inclusivity, breaks down barriers between hearing and deaf individuals, and enables effective communication for all. By teaching sign language, we demonstrate that there is no fundamental difference between these groups, fostering a more inclusive society. Students with sign language skills can communicate effectively with the deaf community, bridging communication gaps. This integration ensures every student learns this valuable skill, fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for diverse forms of communication. By embracing sign language education, we create a cohesive and compassionate society where everyone can connect on a deeper level. This not only empowers the deaf community but also helps to bridge the communication gap that often exists in our society.

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