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personal titles in BSL

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Hey Charlotte,

I am also learning BSL so if anyone can correct this then please do!

I can't seem to find an answer for BSL, but there is a video on it for ASL: 

The conclusion is that no, "mr, miss, mrs or ms" are not used in sign.


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In a school setting it is signed with just ‘m’ followed by their sign name whilst mouthing their surname. Deaf children learn with finger spelling or written words that mr is male and miss is female, with Mrs being a married female.

With adults though it depends on the context and situation. Usually the first name is used but when a title is used or needed it would be the same with ‘m’ (signed) Smith (mouthed and finger-spelt) and depending on if the person is there it can be clarified with the sign ‘man’ or ‘woman’ before ‘m’ for the title. 


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