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I have started to learn BSL online, as I learnt a little bit when I was 14 (A long time ago now!).  I hope I improve and get a little more fluid with my signing.  I am a supply primary teacher and My husband and I also host Accessible Games for People with learning or Physical disabilities.  So I would like to be able to help anyone who attended one of our events if they used BSL.

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I'm a mum to three children with a sensory neural hearing loss which they have had since birth. we don't use a to of sign language at home but have picked up bits on the way and now I would like to become more fluent and be able to work with Deaf or deaf individuals within my work as an holistic therapist.

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Hi all,

I've been interested in languages including BSL since I was in my teens (now in my 30s). Back then I couldn't find a sensibly priced course in my area and there wasn't as much avalible online. As our dear friend Covid-19 has utterly ruined my plans for the next few months (I'm in an 'at risk' group), I decided to use some of the time that I'll be stuck in the house to make a proper start on learning to sign. I know a few signs, but never got much past finger spelling.

Anyone else here using online courses to help them stay sane while self isolating?


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