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  1. Hi i'm deaf on my right ear if you yell I won't be able to her you and I have to be able to read your lips so I can know what you are saying 

    1. yahu shah

      yahu shah

      i would like to practice asl, i myself am hard o hearing.

  2. I am learning ASL because...

    I am learning sign language because I am losing my hearing and I can read peoples lips and I want to learn more sign language as possible.
  3. Looking for a Tutor

    Same here I know how you feel. I can tutor you
  4. Hi my name is jasmine

    hi this is Camila Sartor i can video chat with you
  5. Hi my name is jasmine

    okay i can video chat with you
  6. Looking for ASL friends who would love practice

    I'm deaf and I can Skype with who ever what's to sign I am free right now
  7. Cone pine

    By spelling it out
  8. Cone pine

    You just sign it.
  9. Beginner

    hey guys I can text with you guys I can't video chat at this moment because I am at school right now.
  10. I am learning ASL because...

    I'm learning sign language because I'm becoming deaf and I have a friend that is deaf and I have a friend that takes sign language my friend and I only talk in sign language.
  11. Looking for ASL buddy!

    Hi guys I'm 17 years old and I am becoming deaf but I know a lot of American sign language. I would love to sign with you guys.
  12. Beginner

    Hi, I'm Camila sartor I have a friend that is deaf and I'm becoming deaf. If you guys need any help please let me know. I would love to help you guys. and any questions that you guys have please ask me. Never be afraid to ask me for help.
  13. Cone pine

    Yes I can sign cone pine
  14. How I learned to sign

    I learned how to sign by watching switched at birth and taking the class in school.