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  1. I have been in ASL for two semesters at college however I have greatly immersed myself into the deaf community. Every professor or deaf person I have met thus far has told me that its completely okay to ask for a name sign and if the deaf person doesn't want to give you a name sign they will decline. I actually received a name sign from someone who didn't really know me too well so when I was more into the community I asked one of the deaf people I knew if they'd give me a different name sign and they happily obliged. I think being hearing poses awkward situations because some things that deaf people do aren't considered rude in their culture even though it may seem rude to us.
  2. Hi i'm deaf on my right ear if you yell I won't be able to her you and I have to be able to read your lips so I can know what you are saying 

    1. yahu shah

      yahu shah

      i would like to practice asl, i myself am hard o hearing.

  3. Hey Katy! My name is Skylar, I have been signing for about three years self taught and now in college taking classes to be an interpreter. Just like you I fell in love with signing when I first started. I find the language beautiful and love being immersed in it. I have met a lot of deaf people from going to events and interact with deaf people regularly so I do have my sign name. My plan is to transfer to a school where they have a strong interpreter community as well as Deaf community. I would love to get to know you and sign with you. My email is [email protected] Feel free to email me anytime.
  4. Hey! My name is Sky! Feel free to shoot me an email. I am in ASL one but I have been practicing for a long time because I have deaf friends. I am in college and 18. My email is [email protected] I hope to hear from you
  5. Hey Kat!! I am looking to skype some people as well so I can keep my signing skills up to par. If you'd wanna skype sometime just email me at [email protected] Id love to hear from you!
  6. Yeah I get that! Could we insta message though? Its a lot easier to hands free when Im signing lmao
  7. Hey guys! My name is Skylar, I am looking for people who are interested in practicing ASL. I am a first year ASL student; however, I learned ASL previously from a deaf friend. My dream is to become and interpreter or do anything regarding ASL. I am currently a Psychology major but as I progress more into my ASL class and meet more deaf people I realize how much I really want to change that and possibly switch schools. I love the language and want to perfect my techniques. Any one interested please message me. I would love to share practice and experiences. I have Skype and FT. I could also download Oovoo if that works for other people. Please just let me know. Thank you guys!!
  8. Hello G! My name is Skylar! I am actually majoring in Sign Language Interpreting as well. I am actually on this website to find someone I can practice with and become more fluent. I have Skype too!!
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