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  1. My ASL Story: The bushes

  2. Yeah totally? Could you skype?
  3. Yeah I get that! Could we insta message though? Its a lot easier to hands free when Im signing lmao
  4. Definitely Kenzie could you skype?
  5. Would you wanna skype rn?
  6. Hey guys! My name is Skylar, I am looking for people who are interested in practicing ASL. I am a first year ASL student; however, I learned ASL previously from a deaf friend. My dream is to become and interpreter or do anything regarding ASL. I am currently a Psychology major but as I progress more into my ASL class and meet more deaf people I realize how much I really want to change that and possibly switch schools. I love the language and want to perfect my techniques. Any one interested please message me. I would love to share practice and experiences. I have Skype and FT. I could also download Oovoo if that works for other people. Please just let me know. Thank you guys!!
  7. ASL 1, Looking for asl buddy!

    Hello G! My name is Skylar! I am actually majoring in Sign Language Interpreting as well. I am actually on this website to find someone I can practice with and become more fluent. I have Skype too!!