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  1. I started losing hearing last year, but only started learning ASL around the beginning of April, 2018. I have seen too many people lose their hearing, and not know any Sign Language. I do not want to be stuck someday with serious hearing loss, and no communication skills. So, I'm getting a head start with learning ASL ..... I need to connect with people to practice ASL ..... Nobody in my family is interested in learning ASL. I have no personal friends who are deaf.
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    Hello from California

    Hello everyone … I only recently started learning ASL. Losing hearing in one ear. I need lots of practice …. Looking forward to learning more Sign Language and becoming fluent …..
  3. One of my favorite songs …. These guys did a great job signing this song !!! >>>
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    Hello from Boston ma.

    Welcome. Nice to see you here.
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    Does this make sense?

    I just started learning ASL. I cannot figure out what you are signing. If you post exactly what you signed, that would be helpful.
  6. I only recently began learning ASL, since April, 2018. I have found the lessons with Meredith very helpful. She also gives a side view, which helps to see the signs from a different angle. >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsuBAbMlPGJ95w3mwhz-30g
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    "Through Deaf Eyes"

    History of Sign Language and Deaf Culture …..
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    Welcome. Nice to see you here. I am from California. Weather is hot now.
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    Hello from California

    Hello … Nice to see you here.
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    Glide IDs for those interested in practicing

    My Glide name is "cqeovna" (James A).
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    Hello from California

    Hello from California. My name is Jim.