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  1. Joyce Ma

    ASL Video Chat Hangout And Practice


    Just saw this and I'm glad. I will try to be on to meet people and practice ASL!
  2. Joyce Ma

    Good at vs. Bad at

    I find the sample sentences at the end very helpful. Thanks.
  3. Joyce Ma

    Hello! I'm Joyce

    I was online looking to see if there are any websites that can help me practice ASL. I learned ASL about 12 years ago with a group of deaf/hoh. I was immersed in it for around 3 years. Now I want to practice ASL and the local group doesn't meet often and I feel a bit intimidated to go chat with them without brushing up on ASL. I am looking to do live chats with people to practice. I don't feel looking at vocabularies all day will help me. Hopefully this is the right place for me. Thank you!