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Meredith Carey

Anyone want to practice with me?

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Hi! I'm looking to practice ASL with people.

If anyone wants to plan to login in the chat room at the same time that would be great! I'm on east coast time. I'm beginner level.


Best, Meredith

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You guys should get on Glide and exchange usernames.  That way you don't have to set up times that you are signing together.  You can then sign with each other at your convenience. 

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    • hi y'all! i'm a hearing student learning ASL in a college class and wanted to hone my skills a bit more. if you wanna know a little bit about me, i love music and crafts like knitting and crocheting. i look forward to talking and signing with y'all!
    • Hi All, I'm new to ASL and have been watching YouTube videos with Dr. Bill Vicars and Sign with Meredith. If anyone would like to practice following along the videos with me and reviewing them online, please feel free to get in touch [email protected] I'm available Pacific Time most evenings. If you are new beginner too and want to just practice what you know feel free to reach out...  
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