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Baby Sign Language, Signalong, Makaton

Baby Sign Language, Signalong, and Makaton are communication systems that incorporate signs but are not the same as British Sign Language.  Signalong and Makaton are systems often used by people with communication difficulties. Use this topic to discuss these.

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    • Hello everyone!   I am Kelly from Manchester and I am 24 years old. I'm studying a Masters degree in Psychology. I started learning sign language last year during lockdown and completed the BSL beginners course. I am also an online english teacher for chinese children and we are encouraged to use TPR (total phsyical response) so communicating with our bodies. This encouraged me to continue learning BSL and use it when I teach. I'm currently practicing nursery rhymes, children's songs and reading books like the hungry caterpillar and dear zoo. I've also decided to start writing 4+ sentences weekly about what I will be doing that week and learn it in sign language to encourage myself to learn full sentences and maybe some less common words.  In the future I would love to be confident enough to communicate with others in sign language. I am a qualified teacher and specialised in SEN aiming to become an educational psychologist one day, so I want to make sure when I go back into a classroom I create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students. 😃
    • Hiyah Everyone Please help me as I'm new to this website. I registered and wanted to join the chatrooms as a beginner to practice my BSL and meet likeminded people. I join a chat room and can see myself on camera but I can't see any of the other members in the chat room, although is shows 3 and also my name is added. Where am I going wrong?   Many thanks   Tina Morgan    
    • Hello! I'm Siobhan and I'm from Gloucestershire. I'm currently not working (and have been out of work since Feb 2020) but I am due to start a fab job at the end of the month. I'm passionate about Hospitality and I will be a Reservations Agent for a local company who own a few properties in the area. I am a total bookworm, and am a massive Friends/GOT/TVD and Mock The Week nerd! I am married to a Chef and we have two daughters (12 & 16) (oh and I can't forget our cats Milo & Missy!). In all honesty, I only thought about learning BSL after I had my second daughter in 2009 but sadly I didn't get round to doing so. My wonderful husband however, bought me the Introducing BSL course for my 40th birthday in December and I am currently embarking on session 4. I'm trying my best to practice the odd few words each day and I'm even trying to rope my youngest into learning colours and simple greetings too! I don't get chance to log on every day so I have to keep recapping but I feel more confident with certain things each time I come back. It would be a massive goal and rewarding achievement for me if I could ever be at a level where I could fully and confidently communicate with the deaf/hard of hearing community so hopefully this is a good starting point.  I hope you are all doing well today? :-)    
    • Hi, my name is Jess and I am 26 years old! I live in the East Midlands and I currently work as a server in a restaurant, which I enjoy a lot. I decided to learn BSL after serving a lady at work who was deaf, and she had a friend with her who could interpret what I was saying, but it made me realise that perhaps I should try and learn some BSL so that I can communicate with deaf people more easily, especially if they ever come into the restaurant on their own. I am trying to make a conscious effort to be more inclusive and available to all kinds of people. I am really enjoying learning BSL, I have learned a lot already in such a short space of time and I am excited to put it into practice more. In my spare time I love to read books and love going for walks. 
    • Hello, I'm Madeleine, I am 28 and I live on the West coast of Scotland.  I'm really into Vulture Culture and creating art from bones. I was interested in learning BSL after my sister took a few lessons back when she was in collage and I was about 13/14, but I never gave myself the time to learn. The chance came up with work and I was so excited for the opportunity. I like being able to help people and thought if I can a difference to just one person, that they could communicate in their preferred way and feel acknowledged, it would make all the difference.
    • Hi all,  my name is Anna.  I'm 25 and live in Scotland.  I have always been fascinated by sign language - I signed up for a course while I was at university and absolutely loved it, but didn't continue once I'd graduated.  Lockdown, although not having many positives, did give me the boost I needed to sign up to the BSL course and try learning solo.  In all honesty, I don't know anyone that uses sign language, but I think it's an invaluable skill to have and I hope one day it comes in useful.  There is nothing more important in my eyes than communication and making sure everyone feels as though they have been listened to, whatever form that may take.  
    • My name is Macy and I'm studying art and design in College. I came to England a year ago approx.  I always loved Sign language. When I was little, before going to school I watched the animations and there was always an interpreter in a small square in the corner of the screen. Always people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said that I did not know, but I wanted to learn sign language. I never learned. So when I got to England, in my classroom there were two students who were deaf and they spoke in sign language and that made me even more excited, because I thought it was my opportunity to learn. I started looking for courses to do and I just found this course in which I am learning a lot.
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