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  1. [email protected] may find me. I've been offline a while due to a new job but finally settling down
  2. [email protected] I tend to work long hours in week due to nature of the role but free evenings from 8 and most weekends. Have some leave booked soon also but not away so may also be free around then. Thanks
  3. Great and congratulations! I'm supposed to be starting next week on the 3 but still awaiting 202 and 203 results as we did the 202 three weeks before Christmas and 201 and 203 in one evening two weeks before Christmas. I use sign daily with work as work with learning disabilities but it's more command-response type sign. Not conversational. I will dig out my skype username and post it later. Thanks
  4. Hi What's the best method for yourself? Skype or in person? What level are you working towards? Thanks Shaun
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for practice partners in the North West or via Skype. I have the level 1 certificate and have completed level 2 training (awaiting results) with a plan to move onto level 3 in the next month should I pass one of the productive exams from the level 2 (passed 201 receptive). Sticking points for me at moment are around the productive side, particularly where being recorded.
  6. Looking for Skype practice partners. Hold level 1, awaiting level 2 results.
  7. Just completed level 2 and about to move onto 3 (dependent on results) if this helps.
  8. Talking hands academy are good and hold classes in liverpool for levels 1, 2 and 3. I'm looking for skype practice partners is this helps at all.
  9. Hi. I have just completed level 2 (awaiting results) and looking for a practice partner as I move onto the level 3. If anyone is interested let me know and i will dig out my skype username. Thanks. Shaun
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