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  1. Hi @Jeetus Maximus Sohpal I’m sorry I thought these meetings had moved to Sunday’s.
  2. Hey guys, I’m now looking for the next level but finding it difficult to find as I’m looking for home learning, any ideas please
  3. Hey, Can I just say you guys are very good with signing well done to you both, that sounds like a good idea Usayd as I haven’t had anyone to practice with.
  4. Hey Jeetus, Thank you for you messages. As you know I’m Mariam and I’m from London, and I love watching Moana lol
  5. Hey Lauren, thank you for getting back to me. Great stuff please e mail me and we can arrange something. [email protected]
  6. Hey, good point about do people communicate on here as I’m finding that no ones replies!
  7. Hey I’m Mariam a Nursery Officer from London, I’m currently learning BSL due to lockdown and I have just finished learning hobbies, I would really like to practice with someone to build up my confidence, Pls get in touch. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey I would love to start practicing if anyone is able to over the weekend, also I just read you can’t use iPad for chat room any other ideas as I only have access to iPad. Thanks
  9. Hey Rob, Thank you for getting back to me, unfortunately I can’t do tomorrow.
  10. Hey all, I think it’s time to practice what I have learnt so far. I’m looking for someone to practice with please. Thanks
  11. Hey all, I’m Mariam and new to learning BSL! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and due to lockdown I thought now would be the best time! I work in a school and have been able to pick up some signs along the way. I’m looking forward to going back and using my signs! Hope you are all well.
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