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Lip Reading Beneath a Mask?

Izzi E

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Hello all,

As a beginner to signing I'm finding it incredibly important to read lips, especially for signs that have multiple meanings.

Does anyone know/have experience of how the deaf community is managing whilst a large portion of the world are wearing face masks? I can't imagine signing without the exaggerated expressions and mouthing, particularly for those who are not fluent.

Let us know your thoughts!

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hello as I said I am hard of hearing and do use BSL but also lip reading  I think in the uk we are still in lockdown  and we can video call each other and can see each other also if a person wear a mask I cant understand them at all but some of my full deaf friend they cant speak and only with their hand because they are not use to talking as much that mean expressions is really important and depends on the person as well

I hope this help 

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