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Hello all

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Hello everyone. I’m new to BSL and currently doing the Introducing British Sign Language on British-Sign and then I’ll be starting BSL level 1. It’s not easy finding someone in Highams Park (east London) to practice with but this Forum seems a good place to chat with video so I hope to be up to speed soon. Feels silly not being able to sign much yet but looking forward to being able to chat to you online soon. bSL is going to be my achievement for this, my 40th year. Sadly my partner Gary doesn’t  seem interested in learning with me.

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    • Hi Clair, I am also a Teaching Assistant but in a Primary School setting. I have started to learn as it is something I have wanted to try for a longtime now. I have worked with children using Makaton for a while now and am looking at BSL as a way to enhance and broadening  my horizons as I would like to work with SEN children of all ages. I am also doing it along side my Daughter who is learning for her Bronze D of E.
    • I have just signed up to Introduction to BSL via the BSL website, although I know there are several courses available. I would be happy to practice with you. I will understand though, if you want me to catch up with you a little. I have not started yet.
    • Hi Molly, Which course have you just signed up to?
    • Hi Damian, I'm near Cambridge, but I am a total newbie (only just signed up to the course; so I won't be offended if you need someone with a bit more experience to practice with.
    • Hi, my name is Niamh (Neve) and I'm 20 years old student. I taught myself sign language when I was 8 however, I forgot it over time and given the current situation like a lot of people I thought I would learn in again. I would love if anyone would like to practice with me and kinda cheer each other on to complete everything :) let me know!!! 
    • I am learning BSL in a hope to learn a new skill, and the idea that it can support my career when I become a teacher. I am interested in working with children with special needs so i'm sure it will be beneficial. 
    • Hello, my name is Florence and I am a 22 year old student and training to be a primary school teacher.  I am trying to learn new skill, and think that BSL could support me throughout my career if I can learn it. I am trying my best at the beginners course. What are the most beneficial ways in which people practice? Would love to know! Thanks :-) 
    • Hello Day 3 of learning and just finished the 3rd assessment.  I tried following the sign language during the Coronavirus press conferences and I was clueless 🤣 !!  I hope it gets easier?                          
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