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  1. Newbie!

    hi monty I am currently doing evening course level 102 exam next week would like a practise buddy ve
  2. exam next week

    please help I have 102 exam need a practise buddy please
  3. hi there need help due to my exam coming up in march, please get in contact [email protected]
  4. New girl

    hi there my name is Vee and I do not mind if you would like to practice with me , if so please contact me on [email protected]
  5. hi anyone I am practicing for my 102 exam and need some to practice with. if you could please email me on [email protected]
  6. It is me! living in Hatton, near Derby

    Hi there my name is vee, I am currently studying level 1 and I would like someone to practice with. kind regards Vee
  7. Hi, practice buddy?

    hi I'm vee I am doing level 1 BSL and would love to practice with, please email me on [email protected] kind regards Vee
  8. BSL Practice

    hi my name is vee I am currently studying level 1 and looking for someone to practise with, please add me if we can help each other. kind regards Vee
  9. I have an exam in march and I really need some help with having a conversation please help if you can my name is vee and I am currently studying level 1 in bsl if you think you can help I would be grateful my exam is level 102 please let me know if you can help thank you .