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  1. vee


    evening everyone im in the rooms vee
  2. hi all im in the rooms for practise ve
  3. vee


    hi paul i am studing level one if you would like a practice buddy anytime let me now ve
  4. hi im studing level one at present resiting my level 102 in a few week really need some practise please im in the room if any one around ve
  5. i have to resit my 102 exam in the next few week and really need some practice and help, if can help i would be grateful
  6. come to my room vee if you would like to practise i be on here tomorrow need help with resit level 102 and exam 103 or even just for a chat thankyou
  7. hi every one i am currently studying for my level 2 exam again if you like to chat im in the room ve
  8. hi every one i am in the forums if any one would like to practise ve
  9. i am in talk room if any one want to practise
  10. Hi Me to studing level 1 i too could do with a practise buddy my name verity and i have 1 child if you would like to chat let me know Regards Ve
  11. hi erica my name ve would love to help you where i can i get axious when i video calling too but prehaps we can help each other i have just past my level 102 so might help regards ve
  12. hi ken on the first page where it saids veideo chat and look to see if any one in the rooms if so join them i am always in there or tell me a day or night and we can try and meet in there i have a few people on sundays that meet on here sometimes due to work commitments ect so let me know claire you could do a refresher course to get you back into things but dont you think your pick it up if you get some practice on here. ve
  13. vee

    chat room

    hi in chat rooms if any one wants to chat vee
  14. hi hilary I am currently studing level 1 and if you would like to practice email me or i am always in chat rooms ve
  15. Hi Ken wicked i have just completed level 102 exam awaiting results and still trying to get the hang of it if you would like to practice i usualy in the rooms or email me good luck for level 1 ve e
  16. vee

    Hello all

    hi ted Welcome if i can be of any help pm me ve
  18. Hi Amy welcome I am hearing i am studying level 1 evening classes at college if you need any practice please let me know ve d
  19. Hi ken I am on here a lot if you ever want a chat for practice what level are you studying at the moment I have just completed my level 102 awaiting results so really new my self but need practice ve
  20. vee


    evening every one im in chat room if any one wants to chat ve
  21. Hi amy I have sat my 102 exam the best thing i would say is try to meet up with groups or on here i have met some lovely people that got me through my last exam. I am always on chat rooms if you would like some help email me and we set a time regards ve
  22. im on line if you can help with practice chat room
  23. hi holly i currently studing bsl level 1 and i am always in chat rooms email me and we see what we can do ve
  24. vee


    hi barry i am at the moment studing level 101 i do come to chat rooms ve
  25. i am in chat room if any one would be able to give me last minute help for tomorrow ve
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