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  1. Ted, welcome to Sign Language Forum! Hopefully, we'll be able to help you. If you need anything, just PM me and I'll try my best to help!
  2. This may be a year late, but it's all the same for the all the words you're wanting the translation. Do the sign for conversation but with palms stretched out and faced towards you.
  3. "Have a look" "Have a go" "Give it a try". There's so many translations from that sign, but they all point to one meaning: perseverance.
  4. It looks like a great video but it looks like it's signed in Sign Structured English meaning they're transliterating everything from the song lyrics. It's a good interpretation.
  5. Around Bath, we usually click our fingers level to our eye and that is usually the sign for Bath, but it's local and regional.
  6. I am a native deaf BSL user, and I'd love to help people practice using BSL. I can adapt well to other levels and will be accommodating and understanding. If you'd like to start or something, please PM and we'll set something up.
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