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For my two pennyworth I think that BSL SHOULD be taught in schools. When I was in school, several er well many years ago (approx 1900 and black&white!) I learnt to finger spell. We had a new boy in the class who was HOH and he taught us to finger spell.

The whole class learnt real quick. The teacher thought we were real nice kids, which of course we were ? but we soon learnt that when the teacher was not looking at us we could talk to each other with finger spell. imagine what we could have done with sign!

So for lots of reasons I say YES. Teach BSL in schools. What do you say?

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I’m attempting to set up a BSL club in the school that I teach, to try and encourage students to learn BSL.  I teach Health and Social Care and have been a doing a BSL word of the week for 2 years now.  I have really struggled to find any resources to help me set up the club though.

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I am about to go into teacher training myself and I know for certain that one of my aims is to incorporate BSL into every day life and lessons for the children I teach. I learnt some as a child due to my cousin being unable to talk but I really wish I had learnt some at school. I also work at a playscheme during school holidays and we are planning on doing a session or two on BSL with the children who are aged 3-12. Definitely should be encouraged in schools though. 

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Definitely needed in schools!!!! 

Children soak it in like a sponge. 

Children are made to learn French, German, whatever, which they may never use or need. But BSL is a language in its own right in the UK!  So yes, THIS should be taught in all schools! 

I wasn't born deaf, in fact I was an interpreter for the Deaf for years. Not knowing I'd  to deaf one day. 

But I taught myself BSL. Started finger spelling age 16yrs. Went from  there. Took my exams then went deaf, lol

Been signing for far too many years...48 actually.  lol

We never know if we'll lose our hearing. Fortunately for me, God prepared me well!  But no so for others. 

I've taught many family members and friends. I make sure I teach anyone who wants to learn! 

So yep, I champion sign in schools! 

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Speaking from my own experience in American deaf culture here. I do not mean to come across disrespectful nor do I have preconceived ideas of how British deaf culture is. Someone, educate me. :)

I live in America and from generally, everyone wants ASL to be taught in elementary school through high school. Unfortunately though, the catch 22 is 1) Native deaf signers are less likely to be hired to teach ASL in elementary-high school due to misconceptions of deaf people's abilities and 2) by what I gather of the opinions of the deaf community, hearing teachers don't often have the training necessary to teach ASL.
(that said some hearing, non native ASL teachers are accepted by the deaf community)
Bottom line: Should ASL be taught in mainstream schools? YES! How do we go about it that is fair? ???

I am curious about British deaf culture. How does the deaf community as a whole feel about BSL being taught in schools by the deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, whomever? Is BSL more widely available in university than in [primary and secondary school(?)]?

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    • Voiced over. Throughout this video, I sign the ASL signs for right handed and left handed.  Oops.
    • I am a left handed signer. Always have been. Some people are lefties and you'll find them. tip, just mirror whatever a right handed signe is doing whilst learning. You'll get the hang of it. Promise!
    • I am on my iPad today and cannot use the VSL forums. I would much appreciate if anyone can Skype me.  Cheers!
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    •  BSL courses. On LIne.  I would recommend the online  courses on here  only   20   pound  for the year ... with amazing finger spelling  word searches  to make.. ...animated  finger spelling.... that you could  work with a friend  and   type  some  words   for each other  that  would  be  animated   and  check each others  skills...  Videos on here too watch and gain receptive skills..  If you want some help choosing  Bsl dictionaries... Please get in touch  ..I recommend Cath Smith's Dictionaries  and flash cards.. There are also lots of FREE  online  dictionaries   and  APPs  for your  Iphone, ipad, tablet or laptop..  Good luck with your  learning..  Maureen  from Practice make perfect  
    • Hi All.. Just wondering  if its  possible to  have LEFT handed   word searches  and animations   for LEFT handed  people...  maureen   
    • Hello Simon:  The Finger spelling challenge is just brill. The way it spells my name out to welcome me is very clever. Is there a way I can download the game so that I can practice when I can’t get on-line?
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