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Does FORGET sign mean anything other than FORGET.

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As I am getting ready to go to work - it occurred to me.   The word was BECAUSE. 

According to HANDSPEAK.com, FORGET and BECAUSE have the same sign.   I have noticed that there are a few other signs on HANDSPEAK.com that are different than I learned on www.signlanguage101.com   I wonder if this is a mistake, or a dialect difference or something else.

Any thoughts?    



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As a side note, I've been told multiple times by different Deaf people to not use BECAUSE.  They've told me it's too English.  They prefer that you use a rhetorical question because it's more ASL.  For example, instead of signing, "I GO STORE BECAUSE I NEED EGGS", they would prefer you sign, GO STORE WHY, NEED EGGS.  That fits better to ASL grammar.

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    • Hey Cekncen, thank for the reply.  I'm on pt 5 of the 150 essential signs, they are great videos! looking for some real people to practice what I've learned with
    • This is super awesome! i'm on my chromebook so I can't join now but I will ABSOLUTELY!!! Be joining this! sounds like fun! 
    • I made an ASL discord server. It has a teen only area and an adult area as well as sections for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and fluent as well as a mixed level and age area. I hope to see y’all there so that we learn, practice, and grow together.   https://discord.gg/CmQrzAhf 
    • I just got 45! I'm getting really good I feel! I always like to find a good speed, then just read off the letters as they come up, and spell the word, then once i'm good at recognizing what letter it is, I try to pronounce the word as it comes through, I find that helps the most when it comes to learning with this game! hopefully I can get to 50 in 2 mins by the end of the week. 
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