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A Recommendation to the Developers

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I think it would be a really great feature to have some type of notification be able to go out to those who request it that notifies them when someone has created/joined a room and are looking for others to sign with.  The video chat feature is really great if you know that others are on.  The problem with the iteration that it is now is that people need to know that there are people available to sign with and the current system requires a bit of fate or planning to ensure that you are in the lobby at the same time. 

Could you look into creating a system whereby a text or email notification is sent out to those that subscribe so that they will be notified when someone is looking for others to sign with.

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@Lysandor and @dalejr2148  - thanks for the suggestions and the bump...  This is a great idea and we have been working out the best way to implement this and hope to add this feature in the coming few months - I'll post on here when you are able to sign up for these notifications.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

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