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  1. Evening gary, Not sure what lola means by @Sue w. you used this one......but your 2nd sign to me is How long chat soon sue
  2. Sorry about the two videos. Just so everyone knows. As soon as you put a title in the videos get posted before you actually submit it.
  3. Hi Lola, Thanks for your reply. What is the sign please where your ph flat palm slides between the sh index and middle finger facing forwards? Sue
  4. Hi Gerbils I would sign exactly as you have said and answered as you have said. Remember September is signed s s Happy signing sue
  5. Difficult to say. Really up to you. I think it was only around £19 so not a lot of money. The assessment was actually harder because it didn't ask "what sign is this" because no videos. It was asking what hand shape which again not very clear as the pictures and arrows not good. I would probably say go straight to level 3 if you can. I haven't relooked at it so you need to check that first. Otherwise level two I have no other advice, sorry Sue
  6. Hi Sarah, I don't know if this is of any use. I did a level two on course mix. It didn't have any videos so difficult to understand. However did cover early grammer structure and a few new words I hadn't learn't on this level one course. Last week however I found a level 3 which I believe was still with course mix but said it had videos and you didn't have to have any knowledge of BSL at all, but some would be useful. If you go for it please let me know what you think. I am working through a book at present then looking for a level 3 course. Happy signing Sue
  7. Hi Lola, This was lovely to watch and very relaxing.
  8. Me Again, Love to understood it all. Please translate Sue
  9. Hello Lola, I understood some of what you are signing. Is it possible to write it aswell please. Many thanks Sue
  10. Can someone please help me with the order of signing. Yesterday I went swimming Would it be ....Yesterday (time) swimming (topic) I went (comment) or Would you just sign.....I went swimming yesterday Many thanks sue
  11. Sue W.


    Hi Mair, Not sure if you have received this message so sending again. I too had trouble with the video to start with. Sometimes it is the site. However if it is not this might help. Click on the red button. When this changes to a blue square start to record your message. Click on the blue square to stop recording. Click on INSERT. Wait a couple of minutes until your video pops back on. Play and check it is what you want to send. press SUBMIT. good luck
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Just wanted to check as I know there are many signs the same sue
  13. Hi Lola, Can I just check. Is the sign for son also used for brother. The only sign for brother I know is both knuckles infront of body moving up and down? Thanks for help sue
  14. sorry Molly. Just seen all these answers. Please ignore mine. It was the sign for parents. Interesting question sue
  15. Can I ask where you live please? I haven't seen the sign before. Also what your job is? Thanks Sue
  16. Just wandered if you had a group set up to practice? Any more space, love to join Sue
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