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  1. Waiting in chat room if anyone wants a quick practice
  2. Hi Aaron, I wou;ld love to practice sometime please. I am better earlier than later times as I had a brian tumour and now have M.E. so 4pm would suit me best. My computer always seems to freeze in the chatroom so I prefer to zoom. If you send me your email add. and let me know what day is best for you I can send you zoom details. Sue
  3. until

    Hi David, 6pm on the 8th May suits me better. Always use zoom. Looking forward to it Sue
  4. Hi Becky, Yes I can practice Monday11.30am? Can you send me your email address so I can send you zoom details. The chat room hardly ever works for me. My computer usually freezes after 15 mins. Thanks
  5. Hi Kieran, Good having a quick sign tonight. Sorry sceen keeps freezing. I could set up a zoom sometime if you send me your email address. Sue
  6. until

    Hello David, I am always looking to practice although I am not an evening people. Will hopefully be able to join for some. Sue
  7. Sue W.


    Hi Hanaka, Becky and I are meeting tomorrow in chat room 11am for the first time. You are welcome to join us Sue
  8. Hi Becky I hope you receive this message as tried twice before. I can meet you 7pm Tuesday evening in the chat room Sue
  9. Hello Everyone, I am going to be in the chat room Monday 11am if anyone would like to practice ;0)
  10. Hi Mason, I have sent you a video twice but i cannot see anywhere on your profile page or on the forum so not sure if you have received it? Love to practice sometime. I also have completed level 1 and 2. sue
  11. Hello Anya, Congratulations on completing the course. Gary and I sign reguraly and looking for more people to join us. If your interested just email me please and we can sort out appriate time and day. Sue
  12. Hi Kieran, I managed to understand some. Can you please translate it. Many thanks
  13. Cannot find the previous post for somebody asking about the sign for Chester but just looked on BSL Signbank and the sign they give is a Flat closed palm twice tapping the chest. Hope this help. Sorry I cannot reply personally to you as I cannot find you.
  14. Hello Vee, If you would like to practice sometime please let me know. Gary and I practice most weeks so let me know and I can send you zoom details. Sue
  15. Hello Deborah Welcome to the course. Did you by any chance to Fielding Schhol in Northfields? Sue
  16. Hello Elliencholas I would sign Pets you any?
  17. Hi Amy, I would just sign Brothers, sisters I none. From what I understand you put the topic/subject first. Hope this help. Anybody let me know if this is incorrect please. All learning together
  18. Can someone please tell me if this order of grammer is correct I am making cakes tomorrow in Bsl would read Tomorrow cakes I make My cat is sick, would I just say "cat sick" There are 500 pieces in my puzzle. bsl Puzzle 500 pieces.....would I also add "I have"
  19. Hi Beth, If you are looking for people to practice with there are at least two people meeting in the chatroom this Saturday at 11 o'clock. Always good to practice Maybe see you there
  20. Everyone welcome to practice signing with Gary and I on Saturday 20th March, 11 o'clock. You can see Gary's video in the practice zone
  21. Can anyone tell me the sign for SHROPSHIRE please?
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