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  1. Hey there Goby, you don't need anything special (just don't use internet explorer/Microsoft edge since these browsers aren't compatible with the video chatting portion). On the website, there's a specific portion for video chatting. You just join a room if there's anyone online. Here's the link if you can't find it: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/asl/asl-video-chat-rooms/
  2. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I use the first version for the noun (ex. there's hope for the future) and the second version for the verb (ex. I hope you have a good day).
  3. I live in ______ (I'm assuming New Mexico because of the title, but I'm not familiar with that sign. I learned #NM for the state New Mexico). It's always dry but today it is raining. I enjoy it because I like the smell of rain and it's good for farming. =D
  4. Hey there! I used Signing Naturally last semester when I took ASL 2; I was born hard of hearing but only recently learned about the Deaf/HoH community and ASL. I'm pretty familiar with the book, and I'd be happy to help you out if you have any questions 🙂
  5. Hey there, Angelo! It's great to meet you. I thought this was an interesting thread, so I'm happy to help translate Rolando's videos. In his first video, he finger-spelled "disappoint." In his second video, he says that when you interpret to (American) sign language, "I will not let you down" changes to "ME NOT DISSAPOINT YOU." Similarly, the second portion of the video says "you not will let me down" changes to "YOU NOT DISAPPOINT ME" and he concludes by asking if you understand. For PCGREER, adding more information... When interpreting, you should convey the overall meaning, and not sign it word-for-word in English. In this case, "letting someone down" is an English idiom, meaning to disappoint. It's also important to note that signs with the same handshape/location can have different meanings depending on context. Pointer finger to chin may also mean "miss," as in "I miss you," in other contexts. Thanks!
  6. Hey there, Irving! It's great to meet you. I was born hard of hearing, but only recently learned of the Deaf community and ASL. I would love to chat with you some time, so please feel free to send me a message (I would do so myself, but the website says I exceeded my number). Derrian
  7. Hey Reggie! It's great to meet you. I would love to chat with you sometime! Please feel free to send me a message on here if you're interested. My hours are also a bit strange, but I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Derrian
  8. Hi hello! I'm new to the forum. I was born hard of hearing, but only recently learned about the Deaf/HoH community and American Sign Language. I attend two schools and take ASL classes at my local community college. I love signing because it makes communication easier/enjoyable/understandable for me and I regularly attend Deaf socials/events because I enjoy making new friends. This summer, I took an amazing opportunity to study abroad for six months, but am now worried about not having the opportunity to retain everything I've learned thus far and feeling isolated again. Hence, I joined this forum. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better! Thanks!~
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