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Bec Meachin

Sentence structure in BSL

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Hi All, I was going to do a video, but it has been disabled. So I’ll just write.

I am trying to practice timelines (level 2) and am just trying to work out sentence structure. So here are a few things I would like to say and my guesses at structure. Are they correct?

English: 2 weeks ago it snowed! BSL: Weather what, snow, when, 2 weeks ago

English: I do weight training every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. BSL: I activity what, weight training, when, every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

English: Before I had children I was a university lecturer in sound engineering. BSL: Work what, university lecturer sound engineering, before I children have.


Please let me know if completely wrong! Thank you :-) :-)



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Hi Bec, I would say the first question you are splitting up slightly too much. It would be better to say weather two weeks ago what? then snow.  The second sentence I think is spot-on. The third sentence is a bit of a challenge :-)  I would be tempted to rephrase that answer to something along the lines of:  work what? In the past university lecturer, now mum of two children.    I hope this helps. It’s only my opinion, as long as you are understood I don’t think it really matters :-) 

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The first I agree with the post above. Something like:Two weeks ago weather what, snow.

The second sentence I would swap to activity me (from I activity).

I can't decide if I would also have something like: Activity me, what, weight training, every week, when, mon, we'd, fri

As the other post says I would change to something like: Before/In the past, work, University lecturer, teach what, sound engineering, now Mum, two children. I'd possibly add in 'no work' or 'work, now, nothing' at the end, depending on the context.


Hope this helps a little :)


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