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  1. Hi Sadaqat, Only just seen your reply to me. I have finished level 2. Did one from course mix but wouldn't recommend it. I am only learning for mainly myself (not work or career) although do have a non verbal grandson so might come in useful in the future. Sue
  2. Many thanks for your help sue
  3. Hello Naomi,

    Wandered if you might like to practice sometime? I have finished level one and two and looking for people to practice with. I am learning the more you practice the easier it becames and more friends you meet. We can start at any level or subjects. Let me know if your interested ;)



  4. When you are signing the word for children. Does the amount of times you move your hand across body L - R indicate the number of children you are talking about?
  5. Hi Everyone, I have completed Level 1 and 2 and looking for a level 3. Ideally I would like one with videos but do no really want to spend a lot. Most courses are online at present but this would also suit me best in the future. Please can anyone recommend one. All the ones I have looked at seem to start with basics and all the topics already covered in 1 and 2. Is this normal on all bsl courses? Sue
  6. Hi Paul, I said "Hello Paul (fingerspelling Paul) followed by Happy Christmas all athletes and club members followed by Bye. Hope this is clearer. Sue
  7. Hello Anklefoot, I would sign "I need a break" by signing "break/rest I need"
  8. Hi Gary, Good, clear bit of signing. I am looking for people to practice with so hopefully can see you in the chat room on Sunday 11am . Sue
  9. Hi Rachael, Would love to be involved with a group to practice. Finished level 1 but unless i get practicing scared i will loose it!
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend a suitable level 2,. Just completed level 1 Many thanks Sue
  11. Sue W.


    Just started this course and looking for people to practice with. The more the merrier. I am a mother of four and grandmother of two. Our youngest grandchild attends a special needs school and one of his disibilities is he is non verbal.
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